To use this plugin, Jetty must be installed on your system

Quick Start

Below is an example of a small web project that can be quickly launched with this plugin. Note that the plugin does require that the structure of the project take the form of a standard web application (i.e. context/WEB-INF, web.xml, etc, etc).

Although, it is not necessary to build a war file, or even build your classes into the WEB-INF/classes folder. The plugin will handle the classpath for you.

To begin, select Run->Run... from the toolbar...

Select "Jetty Web" and then click "New". A new launch configuration will appear.

If one has not already done so in another Jetty Web launcher, one must choose the location for the Jetty installation.

Clicking "Browse" next to the "Jetty install directory" field will allow one to choose.

In this example the context root is in folder src/webapp, so we click "Browse" and pick it


If your project is setup so that the project itself is the root, leave the context field in the launcher blank.

(This would be the case here if WEB-INF, etc were located directly below the project).


Now just click "Run" and Jetty will start. You can check to see if Jetty is running, or kill Jetty by switching to the Debug Perspective as show below:

Open a browser and have a look. Our example started up nicely...

That's it to quickly getting Jetty up and running using this plugin.