JettyLauncher - an Eclipse plug-in for Jetty

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JettyLauncher was originally built and open-sourced by Geoffrey Longman. as part of the Spindle project.

Jetty is a 100% Java HTTP Server and Servlet Container, check it out!

JettyLauncher is, as the title suggests, a plug-in that adds support for running web application in Jetty to the Eclipse platform.


  • Run and Debug Java Web applications directly within the Eclipse workbench (without the need to export a war file).
  • Get apps running quickly using built in configuration options; or
  • Retain complete control of your Jetty environment by using Jetty XML configurations
  • Support includes Jetty 5 and JettyPlus
  • Optional 3rd Party plug-in intergration makes it easy to profile your web applications (see documentation).

JettyLauncher documentation ships with the plugin. A static (and sometimes out of date) export of the docs is available here.

bugs can be logged here

Download from within Eclipse using this update link.


Development on this project ended

  The plugin supports only Eclipse 2.x versions and older versions of Jetty (5.x and downwards) and the JVM (1.4/ 1.5).

A new initiative, aimed to be simpler in use and maintenance (though also with less features) is Run Jetty Run.